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Even though these types of programs can help users to share files and speed up communications between peers it can also affect the network performance dramatically and may expose AUC to legal proceedings if illegal materials were downloaded or stored on AUC property.

To protect the interest of AUC and maintain our network quality of service we came up with this policy to manage and control usage of such programs by all users at AUC.

  1. Users are not allowed to download or upload any copy righted files, programs, applications, tools, images, movies or any other downloadable materials onto AUC property. All programs found on AUC computer property should be licensed and legally acquired with proof documents. The ACS provides the AUC community with licensed programs, for more information please visit :

  2. Users are not allowed to download any materials not related to AUC business during working hours.

  3. Users downloading legal materials from home should only do so during off business hours.

  4. AUC will reserve the right to monitor illegal activities and audit randomly selected machines to make sure that this policy is fully implemented.

  5. Proven Violators will face several levels of punishments according to the type of violation that includes but not limited to :

  • Warnings

  •  Account suspension

  • Recording event in personal file.

  • Termination

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